6 Best Basic Phones With Spotify for Simple Music Listening

Is there a basic phone with Spotify? Are there any flip phones with Spotify? Here, you’ll discover a comprehensive guide to help you choose the ideal basic phone with Spotify (aka a dumbphone) for your needs. You probably won’t find many guides online about basic phones with Spotify, as there aren’t many such phones on the market. Dumbphones (or often called basic phones, feature phones, brick phones etc.) are similar to old phones to the past – they often have physical keyboard, small screen and not as many functionalities as the smartphone. If you want to get a dumbphone, you can also check out another guide on getting the right dumbphone in general.

Are there dumbphones with Spotify?

There are only a limited number of dumbphones with Spotify. In order to use Spotify, a phone must be equipped with the Android or Android-based operating system. Consequently, the availability of dumbphones or basic phones with Spotify is quite restricted in the market. The dumbphones in this guide operate on either the Android OS or an Android-based system, and even have a touchscreen. This implies that these phones have certain smartphone-like capabilities. Additionally, these dumbphones also include a numeric keypad, which classifies them within the category of dumbphones.

There is also one tiny smartphone included in this guide because there aren’t many dumbphones with Spotify. Due to its small display, the phone is not as distracting as the larger smartphones.

How were the phone chosen for this guide?

First part of this guide are basic phones on which you can install Spotify easily. Each phone is evaluated on how it works with Spotify. It’s also evaluated on how it impacts productivity because people get dumbphones to reduce screen time, thus improving productivity. Second part of the guide (under heading Other phones) are phones that require extra customization to be able to use Spotify. These phones are for tech enthusiasts who have lots of extra time to customize their dumbphone. They are also for people who don’t want any smartphone functionalities on their dumbphone except for Spotify, aka people who want zero distractions on their phone and ultimate digital minimalism.

Now, let’s explore the best basic phones with Spotify:

CAT S22 Flip

CAT S22 Flip
CAT S22 Flip

The CAT S22 Flip is a durable flip phone with Spotify, designed for people who work in tough conditions or enjoy spending time outdoors. It’s built to withstand drops, water, and dust, thanks to its IP68 and MIL-SPEC 810H ratings. The phone features both a large, comfortable keypad and a touchscreen. Running on Android 11 Go, you can install apps using the Play Store like on any other smartphone. This means you can easily use Android apps and surf the Internet. While the phone has a virtual keyboard, its small display might make swiping more practical. For typing, the physical keyboard is likely more convenient. Additionally, the phone includes a programmable PTT button.

How does CAT S22 Flip work with Spotify? The CAT S22 Flip operates on Android 11 Go, which means it comes with the Play Store where you can get Spotify. With its touchscreen, using Spotify on the phone is easy. Also, the phone supports Bluetooth, allowing you to use wireless headphones for listening to music. Spotify Lite is recommended for this phone.

How does CAT S22 Flip help productivity? The phone runs Android 11 Go, has touchscreen and apps, so it has smartphone capabilities. This means that the phone will be useful as a smartphone for tasks such as mobile banking and online shopping. However, it has a small display and a keypad, so it also has dumbphone characteristics. Small display and keypad means that you are less likely to use the phone for time-wasting activities like endless scrolling and social media. These activities are less engaging on a small display and it’s challenging to type on a numeric keypad.

Conclusion: CAT S22 Flip is a dumbphone with Spotify. It also has some characteristics of a smartphone, which make Spotify run smoothly. The phone strikes a balance between smartphone convenience and digital minimalism. It’s also a great rugged phone.

ModelCAT S22 Flip
Display2.8in, touchscreen
Operating systemAndroid 11 Go
CameraRear Camera: 5MP, Front Camera: 2MP
Memory and storageRAM: 2GB, Internal Storage: 16GB, supports memory card
Battery and charging2000mAh, removable, USB Type-C charging
ConnectivityBluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Hotspot, USB Type-C
ProcessorQualcomm QM215 Snapdragon 215
AudioNo 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s unclear on how to use wired headphones with this phone, so wireless headphones are recommended.
NetworkGSM, 3G, 4G, single SIM, SIM size: Nano
Additional functionsProgrammable PTT button
CAT S22 Flip Specifications



This is a rugged dumbphone with Spotify. It has a IP68/IP69K rating, which means resistance to drops, water, dust and extreme temperature. It features a keyboard and a touchscreen. The phone also runs simplified Android, so it can run Android apps. It doesn’t support Google Play Store, but you can install apps by downloading APK files and installing them. Therefore, this phone is something between a smartphone and a dumbphone, as it has Android, keypad and a touchscreen. The best thing about this phone is a very loud speaker with nice sound quality. It means that the sound will be crystal clear in the loudest environments. All in all, AGM M7 is a great phone for those who like a phone with a loud speaker, need to listen to Spotify or work in tough environments.

How does AGM M7 work with Spotify? Spotify can be installed via APK file. The headphone jack shares the Type-C port. Although the phone doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, it includes a Type-C to 3.5mm adapter. AGM M7 is equipped with Bluetooth, enabling the use of wireless headphones. Spotify Lite is suggested as a Spotify app.

How does AGM M7 Flip help productivity? Despite having a touchscreen, the phone display is still small, so you won’t be using the phone for fun, time-wasting activities. On the other hand, touchscreen enables easier app usage. Most typing will be done using the physical keypad.

Conclusion: AGM M7 is a great dumbphone with Spotify. The smartphone characteristics of this phone will ensure that Spotify runs smoothly. On, the other hand, dumbphone characteristics ensure that you will use this phone only for necessary tasks, improving your productivity in this way. It’s also a great rugged phone.

ModelAGM M7
Display2.4in, touchscreen
Operating systembased on Android 8.1
CameraRear camera: 2MP and Front Camera: 0.3MP
Memory and storageRAM: 1GB, Internal Storage: 8GB, supports memory card
Battery and charging2500mAh, removable, USB Type-C charging
ConnectivityBluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Hotspot, USB Type-C
AudioHeadphone jack is shared with USB Type-C port
NetworkGSM, 3G, 4G, there are models with Dual SIM and single SIM, SIM size: Nano
Additional functionsFM Radio (Headset required), very loud speaker, customizable side key, LED torch on top of the phone, you can buy a charging dock
AGM M7 Specifications

Unihertz Jelly2

Unihertz Jelly2
Unihertz Jelly2

Unihertz Jelly2 is a tiny smartphone, about the size of a credit card. It doesn’t have a physical keyboard. This phone is considered a smartphone, but it’s included here because there aren’t many dumbphones with Spotify. It’s in this guide because of its small screen which isn’t as captivating as larger screens. However, Jelly2 is powered by Android 11, allowing it to run all Android apps and have full smartphone functionality. The app performance is satisfactory. It comes with a camera and all the other features of a smartphone. The virtual keyboard might be more challenging to use if you have larger hands. The phone also boasts a substantial 2000mAh battery that can last the entire day, which is good enough for a small device. Jelly2 is also equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass, making it a durable phone.

How does Unihertz Jelly2 Flip work with Spotify? Spotify can be installed, and the phone uses headphones via Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack.

How does Unihertz Jelly2 Flip help productivity? The touchscreen is very small, measuring just 3 inches. Because of this, it’s not as interesting as the screens on bigger smartphones. This makes online browsing and using social media less enjoyable compared to larger screens. This phone could be a good transitioning device for those who aren’t ready to replace their smartphone with dumbphone.

Conclusion: Unihertz Jelly2 Flip is a tiny smartphone, ensuring smooth Spotify performance. Its small screen size makes it an ideal transitioning device for those who aren’t ready to give up smartphones for a dumbphone.

ModelUnihertz Jelly2
Display3.0in, touchscreen
Operating systemAndroid 11
CameraRear camera: 16MP and Front Camera: 8MP
Memory and storageRAM: 6GB, Internal Storage: 128GB, supports memory card
Battery and charging2000mAh, USB Type-C charging
ConnectivityBluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Hotspot, USB Type-C
ProcessorHelio P60 Octa-Core
Audio3.5mm headphone jack
NetworkGSM, 3G, 4G, Dual SIM, SIM size: Nano
Additional functionsFM Radio
Unihertz Jelly2 Specifications

Other phones

So far, we’ve listed phones that work well with Spotify without needing much extra setup. These are great options for people who don’t want to spend time tinkering with their phones or looking up guides online. Now, we’ll suggest some other phones that can also run Spotify and various apps. However, these phones require more customization and research, and they resemble classic dumbphones with no touchscreen and a keyboard.

In general, you can find the phones that support Spotify by using a Dumbphone Finder, and tick Spotify in the search. Use forums dedicated to basic phones like r/dumbphones on Reddit or this Russian site (use Google translate if you don’t speak Russian). Also, use YouTube to find recommendations and tutorials about customizing the phone. Some of the phones below don’t have a touchscreen to use Spotify. Therefore, you will need to install a cursor using ADB and sites like these to get the cursor.

Here are some recommended phones:

Kyocera DuraXV Extreme

This is a rugged flip phone with a keyboard but without a touchscreen. The touchscreen is necessary to use Spotify and other apps, so you will need to install a cursor. You will also need to make playlists on the computer, because navigating Spotify with a cursor is tedious.

Sonim XP5s

This is a rugged basic phone with a keyboard. It doesn’t have a touchscreen for Spotify, so you will have to install a cursor with to use Spotify. Playlists are best made on a computer. The phone is rugged, which means resistance to dust, drops and extreme weather. It has easily accessible buttons, and a long warranty. 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM means it will run most apps.

Xiaomi Qin F21 Pro

If there was a non-rugged ideal basic phone it would be this. As a phone from a famous Chinese company, it’s a perfect anti-smartphone addiction phone. It’s powered by operating system Android 11, which means you can install Spotify and most of the other apps. It has a touchscreen, which means you can navigate all the apps. But, since it’s a phone with a keyboard, the screen is very small. It means that you won’t be using it too much for time-wasting apps. But you can still use it for necessary things, like navigation or mobile banking. It’s Quad Core processor and 3GB/4GB of RAM also assure that most apps will run without glitching.

This phone however requires a lot of customization to work in the US or Europe. This is not the phone for those who refuse to spend hours researching and customizing it. Make sure to get the version suitable for your country. Get a cracked version to install other apps. Make sure to check the supported bands. Avoid getting Pro+ or other versions, because it lacks online resources to customize it. The easiest place to get the phone is AliExpress.

Tips when buying a basic phone with Spotify

There are some important things you need to know before getting a basic phone with Spotify.

  • Most people will get a basic phone because they want to get rid of a smartphone addiction. Or they need a second simple phone, e.g. for work. Therefore, lower your expectations when getting a dumbphone. They aren’t as powerful or as engaging as smartphone. The point of getting a dumbphone is to use phone less to reduce screen time. Also, there aren’t many basic phones with Spotify on the market.
  • Basic phones with Spotify will most often need some kind of Android or Android-based OS to run Spotify. So, those phones will most often be a smartphone with keyboard and small touchscreen. Small screens are the best way to fight smartphone addiction but still have Spotify. They discourage you from wasting time online because everything is too small, but a touchscreen enables you to interact with many apps like Spotify.
  • In this guide, first are recommended phones that are basically smartphones with small touchscreen and keyboard. From the research, these are the easiest way of getting Spotify to work, but still discourage excessive smartphone usage due to having a small screen.
  • At the end of this guide, there are other phones recommended that are the actual best feature phones or dumbphones for Spotify. You can find them under heading Other phones. But these phones require spending a lot of time on research to find the best phone and to customize it according to your needs. You also need some technical skills to make it work. Also, as these are not smartphones, navigating the Spotify and getting songs on them can be time consuming.
  • And the most important tip – make sure to get the phone which actually works in your area. Make sure that the frequency bands are compatible with the ones in your country. This is important so that you can call, text and connect to the Internet. A common mistake is buying a phone online for the Chinese market, but you live in America and the phone doesn’t work there due to incompatibility in frequency bands.
  • Make sure that the phone works with your desired mobile carrier. Some phones are locked to a specific carrier or have frequency bands supported only by certain carriers.
  • Make sure that when buying online, you choose the right version of a phone for your area. For example, the same phone may have versions for the US market, Canada, EU and Asia. Choose the right version for your area. And double check if they are compatible.
  • A good tip is to check your local carriers and local webstores, and whether they have a desired phone. In this way, if you order a phone from them, you will ensure compatibility with frequency bands in your area and desired carrier.