Best geocaching gifts

Geocaching is a fun treasure hunt where people of all ages go looking for geocaches. Geocaches are hidden in all kinds of places, so geocachers often use various tools to find them, and to create and maintain their geocaches. That’s why geocachers also like getting new equipment for geocaching. Therefore, it’s a great idea to give them geocaching tools as a present. But you don’t have any idea about fun geocaching gifts? Take a look at this list as an inspiration for some geocaching gift ideas.

Handheld GPS device

There is not a better gift for a passionate geocaching enthusiast than a handheld Garmin GPS. It enables geocachers to navigate to the geocache without having to rely on their smartphone, and not having to worry about battery life and durability. Here are the best handheld GPS devices for geocaching:

Garmin GPSMAP 66sr

Garmin’s GPSMAP 66 has 4 models but 66r is the most prominent one, with the best display and the best connectivity, and the most accuracy even in the deepest woods. It’s waterproof and its battery can last up to 36 hours in standard mode and 450 hours in expedition mode. The downside is that it is a little bit costly ($500) but that’s expected for being the best in the market. This GPS will satisfy even the most hardcore geocachers.

Garmin eTrex 10

Garmin eTrex 10 is the best budget GPS on the market. 

It doesn’t have a good GPS navigation as other more expensive Garmin GPS devices. Though, it’s still pretty accurate in difficult terrain like deep woods for its cheap price ($110). It’s also robust and resistant to weather conditions

It also doesn’t have topo maps like other Garmin GPS devices, only basic maps. Those basic maps provide a line of movement towards your waypoints and not anything about the surrounding area. Still, that is to be expected for a GPS device of this price and it’s still for tracking geocachers and as a gift for geocaching enthusiasts.

Portable smartphone charger

Lots of geocaching enthusiasts use their phones for geocaching which drains the phone’s battery. That’s why a portable charger is a good gift.

One of the best portable chargers is Anker PowerCore III Elite. This charger has one of the best capacities of 25,600mAh on the market. It’s enough to power other devices like laptops besides the smartphone. It supports fast charge through 2 5V/3A USB ports & 1 USB-C port and also quick charge.


A Geocoin is a special coin created by geocachers with a unique tracking ID. The owner of the geocoin leaves it in a geocache for other geocachers to find it, logs its find using the tracking ID, and then drops it off to another geocache (or do something else according to the owner’s instructions).

Many avid geocachers are excited when they find a geocoin, and like to track how a geocoin travels from cache to cache. You can find more info on geocoins here and purchase it here for US orders. For international orders, you can find a list of retailers here.

Geocaching Premium membership gift card

You can also gift Premium subscription for the biggest geocaching website. Premium Membership provides 12 months of access to premium features like premium geocaches. Avid geocachers love premium geocaches as they are often the best-maintained ones.

Premium membership is also a great way to introduce someone to geocaching. You can send Geocaching Premium as a gift to someone who already owns Geocaching account here. Or, you can also purchase a Geocaching Premium gift card with the US or Canada shipping here. For international shipping, order from some of the retailers here.

Weatherproof notebook and pen

Weatherproof notebooks are often used as logs in geocaches because their paper repels water, moisture, and other weather hazards. They won’t turn into mush like normal paper. Logs are the most important part of geocache because geocachers sign them when they find the geocache. That’s why a weatherproof notebook is a great gift.

You can get Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Notebook in a small size, from one of the most famous brands of weatherproof notebooks. It’s also small enough to fit into lots of geocaches. You can also get a Rite in the Rain All-Weather Pen, which has permanent ink. It will write on any logs even if they are moist or muddy. You can put this pen in a geocache for other geocachers to sign logs. You can also use it to sign logs yourself when geocaching.

You could also gift this Fisher Space Pen. Fisher pens are popular among geocachers for signing logs because they can sign on any greasy and moist paper and they are sturdy. This one also comes in a beautiful black box.

Water bottle

Geocaching involves a lot of walking and exercise. For that reason, geocachers often carry a water bottle. The best water bottle recommended by many is the Hydro Flask.

This is a durable and lightweight water bottle. It’s both durable and easy to carry. It also has great insulation so that warm drinks stay warm and cold drinks cold. Also, it has the ability to prevent condensation from forming on the bottle, so no more wet water bottles in the geocacher’s bag.

Geocaching containers

Plano Waterproof Case
Plano Waterproof Case

Geocachers who like to make new geocaches need geocaching containers. These are some of the most popular geocaching gifts. You could get this Plano Waterproof Case or maybe an ammo box like Sheffield 12628 Ammo Box. For more ideas about geocaching containers that you can give as a gift, read the article on the best waterproof geocaching containers.

Fanny pack

Geocachers often geocache by carrying their phone so they need free hands. That’s why they often wear fanny packs which hold all the necessary items. As a recommendation, you can check this famous fanny pack brand Waterfly Fanny Pack which people often buy for hiking, so it has everything necessary for geocaching.

It’s made from resistant material, has a bottle holder for carrying water, and has multiple pockets to carry everything necessary. It also has a good belt that holds everything in place and won’t split.

Pick-up Tool Kit

Lots of geocachers would benefit from getting a pick-up tool kit as a gift. The pick-up tool kit is a set of extendable telescoping rods geocachers use for fetching geocachers stored in difficult-to-reach places. This five-part Perciva Pick-up Tool Kit is a great recommendation for geocachers.

This kit has a strong 15lb magnetic pick-up tool for heavier objects. It can also extend to 30 inches and also has a magnet on top. This means that it can retrieve metal objects as they will stick to the magnet.

The kit also has a 1lb magnetic pickup tool for fetching smaller objects, which is good for getting magnetic nano geocaches. Nano geocachers are tiny magnetic containers used in urban geocaching as they easily stick to metal surfaces.

In the kit, there is also a telescoping rod with a round mirror used to inspect geocaches in difficult-to-see spots. And also the one with square mirror and LED light which helps to inspect geocaches in dark and hard to reach places.

The final rod the rod with a curved end which can help manipulate hard-to-reach geocaches more easily.


Grabber is an extendable tool with claws for grabbing difficult-to-reach objects. People often use it for collecting trash but it can also be used for fetching geocaches. This Unger grabber is ideal for fetching geocaches due to its wide claws that can grab large geocaches. Also, the claw can be rotated for 360 degrees. The sturdy rod extends for 36 inches by pressing a button.

Travel bug

Travel Bug
GREEN Geocaching QR Travel Bug

The travel bug is a trackable tag that geocachers find in a geocache. It has a trackable number that is used for logging its find. Geocachers then take the travel bug and put it into another geocache for others to find it. You can track its travel from cache to cache on

Geocachers like them because it’s fun to track where the travel bug will end up. That’s why it makes a great gift for geocachers.
You can find more info about travel bugs here and purchase them here for US orders. For international orders, you can shop from this list of retailers.