Best waterproof geocache containers

When you’re planning your cache, pay attention to the location of the cache, weather condition and human or animal activity on that location. Then, also choose some of the best waterproof geocache containers to protect the contents, especially making sure to protect the logs. Make time to plan and waterproof your cache, as it can reduce cache maintenance time to almost nothing. It’s better to create an almost perfect cache that requires minimal maintenance instead of a poorly maintained one.

First, read here about some tips on how to protect your cache and it’s contents from damaging effects of water. Then, read the list and choose the best waterproof geocache container for your needs.

Tips on how to waterproof your geocache

Use cache within a cache

A good advice is to use a cache within a cache. For example, use an ammo box, and inside of it use another smaller one, e.g. preform test tube.

Use plastic or resealable bags

Put each item inside of a plastic or resealable bag, and then put that item into another small container. After that, you could also put a smaller container into another plastic bag. Then put it into another larger container again. It is especially important to store logs inside of a bag.

Protect your logs

Logs are the most important thing in a cache. Make sure to at least put them in a plastic or resealable bag, or inside a separate container. Try to also use waterproof or strong paper because normal paper will absorb air moisture. You could use waterproof logs like Rite in the Rain, one of better waterproof notebook brands (even the paper is waterproof).

Rite in the Rain waterproof notebook that can be used as geocaching logs
Rite In The Rain Waterproof Notebook that can be used as waterproof geocache logs

You could also put your logs inside of a waterproof clipboard or a dive slate, which is a notepad that divers use for writing and it comes with an attached pen. You could take a look at Scuba Choice Diving Dive Writing Slate. This would be ideal for underwater caches.

It’s also a good idea to use as many pages as possible for logs. This will prevent the logs from running out of paper and reduce the effort to maintain the cache.

Choose weatherproof location

This is often difficult as many caches are out in the open, but you can try to put the cache in a location secure from weather conditions, human or animal activity. Then, almost any type of container could be secure enough to protect the contents from weather.

Test your container

You could also test your container for water resistance before using it as a geocache. Submerge it into the water overnight to test whether the water will get in. Put the container into the fridge for some time and then check whether the cold and moisture caused deformations or fractures on the container material.

Avoid glass and food containers

Even though glass containers seem like good waterproof containers, do not use them. They tend to leak, break and metal lids are prone to rust. They could also be dangerous if the glass breaks. Also, avoid many food containers because they can quickly let the moisture in, break, or get damaged by weather conditions.

Best waterproof geocache containers

Hard plastic container

This is a container made from hard plastic (e.g. polypropylene) which has a watertight seal and possibly clasps for holding the lid which makes it harder for water to get in. It is often transparent, which makes it a good alternative to glass. Good idea is to use Plano Waterproof Case from brand that produces waterproof containers for fishing, which means they are waterproof enough for geocaching.

Plano Waterproof Case for geocaching
Plano Waterproof Case for geocaching

Ammo box

Ammo box is a box used by the army. On the lid, it has a rubber gasket which makes it a tight seal, and that makes it hard for moisture and water to get in. You can try this Sheffield 12628 Ammo Box, which is a heavy-duty water ammo box whose lid is extra re-enforced with additional locks.

Sheffield 12628 Ammo Box used for geocaching
Sheffield 12628 Ammo Box

PET Preform test tube

PET preform is a test tube from PET plastic. It is transparent and almost indestructible, and often come with a cap. Underwater caches often use PET preforms. They are also great for being used inside of a larger cache or storing logs, so it’s easiest to get a pack of PET preforms right away.

Waterproof PET Preform test tube for geocaching
Waterproof PET Preform Test Tubes

Match storage box

Match storage box is a waterproof container that contains equipment for starting fires in nature. It is waterproof and easily fits inside of your pocket. It is ideal as a smaller geocache container. You can also use them inside of a bigger container. You could get one in a color that helps blend the cache into environment like this SE 3-IN-1 Green Waterproof Match Storage Box, which is great for cache in the nature.

SE 3-IN-1 Green Waterproof Match Storage Box with an unscrewed lid
SE 3-IN-1 Green Waterproof Match Storage Box

Micro capsule

Micro capsule is a small-sized micro cache container. It is often made of aluminum and contains a rubber seal, which makes it waterproof. It comes in many colors so it is easier to blend into the environment, and has hooks so you can also hang it. They are small and cheap so it is best to get a pack of micro capsules.

Pack of 15 waterproof micro capsules for geocaching
Pack of 15 Waterproof Micro Capsules for geocaching

Magnetic nano

It is a tiny geocache container which sticks on any magnetic surface like metal. Use them to plan a cache for a city and stick them to a metal object. It is important for them to have a waterproof seal and that you can easily open the top of the container since the container is literally nano in size. They often include only logs, so you can check this pack of Magnetic Nano Geocache Containers with paper rolls included.

Pelican case

Pelican case is a completely watertight case because of the O-ring seal and pressure equalization valve. It is hard to destroy due to partly being made from stainless steel hardware. On the inside, it has a padded foam which is great for keeping cache contents from breaking. It also has a customizable interior which makes it possible to fit inside anything you want. It is best to get an original like this Pelican 1120 Case.

Opened Pelican1120 case that can be used as geocache container
Pelican 1120 Case With Foam