Fake geocache containers

You have probably encountered a geocache that looks like rock or a log, but it’s actually a well-hidden geocache. The rock or log was actually a fake geocache container that has logs and swag. There are many types fake geocache containers, not only rocks and logs. Check out the list of the most common fake geocache containers:

Fake bolt geocache

Bolt geocache is usually a hollow bolt that contains logs. Fake bolt geocaches is often hidden among other similar bolts so that a geocacher has something to look for.

Fake geocache rock

You can sometimes find a geocache hidden inside or undereath the rock, or even find out that fake rock serves as a container. To make a fake rock geocache, you can use mortar. You can also buy fake rocks online, and just hide the geocache  contents inside.

Fake brick geocache

Fake brick geocache is also similar to fake rock geocache. Container is hidden inside a fake hollow brick or the hollow brick itself is a fake geocache container.

Fake grass geocache

Fake grass geocache is usually a geocache container that has fake grass glued to it. This enables you to hide a fake grass geocache in plain sight, like inside of a pavement crack or between the rocks. You shouldn’t burry a fake grass geocache because that is against geocaching rules. Also don’t use real grass. You can make your own fake grass geocache by gluing fake grass to the container, or you can even buy it.

Fake lock geocache

This is also one of more common fake geocache containers. The lock is hollow inside, and it contains most often a log. The lock, though, is still functional and can be locked or unlocked with a key or some code. Fake lock geocaches are sometimes part of a mystery cache. The lock combination is the solution to the some puzzle, or key has to be found before you can unlock a geocache.

Fake stick geocache or fake log geocache

Fake stick or fake log geocache is usually a piece of wood (like log or a thicker stick), that has a hole containing a geocache container. It enables you to hide a geocache in plain sight. This is an excellent DIY fake geocache. Just find a piece of log or a stick, that’s dry and not rotting, and carve the hole in which you can fit a geocache container.