Geocaching fishing pole

You may have heard of geocaches that require a geocaching fishing pole to be retrieved. Those geocaches are rare in many areas, but for some areas, they have become quite common.

Fishing pole geocaches are geocaches that are placed very high, mostly on the trees. They can be placed from 5 to 13 meters in height. Those geocaches are meant to be retrieved by a fishing pole, not by climbing and ladders. Geocachers should use a fishing pole to fetch a cache, sign the logs, and then return it in the exact same place.

What do fishing pole geocaches look like?

Fishing pole geocaches are usually a small container (like a PET preform) that’s either hooked to a tree branch or looped around the branch with a string. They can be placed up to 13 metres high.

Fishing pole caches usually have a high Terrain rating and attributes like Special tool required or Tree climbing required. You can use these queries to search for such geocaches. Also, geocache description may say that it requires a fishing pole. However, there might be no fishing pole geocaches in your area. In some areas, they are quite common.

What kind of fishing pole to get for geocaching?

It’s best to get a geocaching pole with a long extension, like 13 meters. For example, you can get one like this. It has a long enough extension and it’s carbon made, so it’s ultra-light to carry. But, it may be difficult to fetch a geocache with just a fishing pole. Some geocachers then use a sturdy wire to make a hook that’s wrapped around the top of the fishing pole. With the hook, you can fetch the wire with a geocache easier. You can try to search for telescopic hooks, but their pole is often too short for fishing pole geocaches.