Geocaching ladder

There are some geocaches that are meant to be retrieved by ladder. Those geocaches are placed very high, usually on a tree. That’s why some geocachers consider ladder as part of TOTT (Tools of the Trade). TOTT is the name for the geocaching tools that are used to retrieve a geocache. 

If you need to bring the ladder for geocaching, those geocaches will probably have an attribute Special tools needed. Some ladder geocaches also have an attribute Stealth required, which means that there are lots of people near the geocache location. These people will be curious about you carrying a ladder, so go to the geocache location when there aren’t many people there, like at night or early morning.

If you want to go geocaching for ladder geocache, there are a few things to think about. 

First, you need to choose a ladder geocache in the Geocaching app or website. This might prove difficult as there might be no ladder geocaches in your area. 

Second, you need to get the actual ladder to go geocaching. You can use the one you already own. Or you can borrow one if you need a ladder for geocaching only a few times. 

But, there can be lots of ladder geocaches in your area Or you might like ladder geocaches. Then, you can think about getting a special geocaching ladder.

Check out more info about ladder geocache, and how to find them in the app and choose the right ladder.

How to filter geocaches that require a geocaching ladder?

There are a few methods you can use to possibly filter out a ladder geocache from other geocaches. The success of these methods can vary.

You can use attributes and D/T rating to filter a ladder geocache in the Geocaching app or website, to a certain extent.

There is no special attribute for ladder geocaches. But most ladder geocaches will have an attribute “Special tools needed”.

As for the D/T rating (Difficulty/Terrain rating), a geocache requiring a ladder should probably have a Terrain rating of 5 according to the Geocaching Help Center. But some geocachers might disagree about this, with good reasons. Therefore, a ladder geocache will probably have either a D/T rating above 1, but it’s not the surest way to filter a ladder geocache.

Most often, it will say In the description or hints that a ladder is required to complete a geocache. There are also public bookmark lists made by other geocachers that contain only ladder geocaches. To search for ladder geocache description and lists, use google search. Type keywords like ladder New York site: to find ladder geocaches in New York on website.

Which ladder to use for geocaching?

You might like geocaching for ladder geocaches, or there are a lot of ladder geocaches in your area. Therefore, you might be thinking about getting a geocaching ladder.

If you need a ladder very rarely to retrieve geocaches, it’s best to borrow them. But some geocachers decide on buying a ladder for geocaching.

There is a problem with transporting the ladder to the geocache location. That’s why many geocachers use a telescopic ladder, like these ones. Telescopic ladders can be extended to 3 meters and more when you need them for climbing, but they can also be collapsed to about 80 cm, making them more convenient for transport. They are also made from a lightweight material like aluminum, which makes them weigh around 8-10 kg. The weight makes it easier to transport. Because the ladder can collapse, you can also strap them to your backpack or keep them in the car.

You could also get a folding ladder, like this one. This ladder can be folded for easier transportation. It has about 1.70 to 2 meters when fully extended, and about 60 cm when folded, which makes it easier for transport. If the folding ladder is made from aluminum, it will also be easier to carry.

Before buying any ladder, make sure to check how much weight they support. This is important to make sure they can withstand your weight.