Hobbies like geocaching

Have you wondered what is geocaching similar to? There are many hobbies like geocaching or hobbies that can be done when geocaching. Find out here about more geocaching-like games, or some other complementary activity to do on your next geocaching trip. And also some tips on how to get you started!


Letterboxing is a geocaching-like game of hiding small boxes in public places, which are found through clues in catalogs or websites. Finders find the stamp in the box and make an imprint in their personal notebook. They also use their stamp to make an imprint in the logbook find in their letterbox.

Letterboxing and geocaching are similar hobbies, but also different. In letterboxing, boxes are found by clues, not coordinates. Many people like that aspect. Also, people make their own stamps so it involves higher effort than geocaching. But, the advantage of geocaching is that there are way more geocaches, and there may be no letterboxes in your area. Still, this is the most similar out all hobbies like geocaching, and many find it more interesting.

Ways of finding a letterbox near you are to check these websites (like this one or this one). You could also try googling “letterboxing + the name of your area” to check if there are letterboxes near you. There are also some letterbox caches in a Geocaching app but they are very rare.

Adventure Lab

Adventure Lab is also an outdoor scavenger hunt mobile game made by the same company that produced Geocaching.com. So, this is one of the hobbies similar to geocaching.

This is the game where you embark on so-called Adventures. By visiting local places in your area, you can complete puzzles and discover stories through multiple stages before completing the adventure.

Adventures are rarer than geocaches. Still, it can be interesting to solve a puzzle through clues hidden in the world around you and discover new stories through Adventures.

Get the Android app here and the iOS app here. You can also find out more about the game here.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a great complementary activity to geocaching. It’s an augmented reality mobile game for both Android and iOS. You can capture, train and battle Pokemon in real-world locations, while you are heading to your target geocache.

Also, if you have found a lot of geocaches in your area, you probably have to travel to find new ones. With Pokemon Go, you can just drive to your local park and play all day there. This is especially useful if you have a child, and need a common activity to do outside.

Get the Pokemon Go app for Android here or iOS here.

Geocaching and Ingress Prime

Ingress is an augmented reality mobile game that was made by the same company before Pokemon Go. For Ingress Prime, you are an agent in a team and you travel from portal to portal (which are actual local landmarks) to create fields and achieve victory for your team.

This game is hard to do while geocaching, as you are playing in the team. Also, in your place, this game might have a tiny userbase, and it’s hard to do anything in the game without drawing attention to your location. This might cause privacy issues for you. Also, there are complaints about the app not being the smoothest experience sometimes. On the other hand, your community of local players might be awesome. And this game can then be one of the most interesting AR games out there.


Flagstack is a mobile game for a global scavenger hunt where you deploy and capture virtual flags in the real world. Through that, you also collect points and level up. You can participate and compete in team battles. It’s a competitive team game in the real world where you kidnap the opposing team flags and defend your own flag by capturing it yourself. This game is a different game from geocaching as it requires team collaboration.

Download the Android app here and the iOS app here. Also, check the game help on the official website.


Munzee is a mobile app for a global scavenger hunt where you locate and scan QR codes in the real world. You use codes for getting points and leveling up. This game can be a great complementary activity to geocaching if there are a lot of codes around you. It’s a much simpler game than geocaching, so it’s great to play if you have small children, or if you want to increase your fitness activity.

Get the Android app here and the iOS app here. Also, check out the Help section from the official Munzee website to jumpstart your game.