How is geocaching different from hide-and-seek?

Hide-and-seek and geocaching are both very exciting games. We all liked playing hide-and-seek as children. Geocaching is also a modern, global treasure hunt of hiding and seeking geocaches. Do you want to know how is geocaching different than hide-and-seek? Want to become a geocacher yourself. Well, continue reading and find out.

Geocaching and hide-and-seek are both exciting games, but with different rules

Hide-and-seek is a popular game where players hide, while the one player is supposed to search for them and discover where they hid.

On the other hand, geocaching is a global treasure hunt game in which participants use GPS coordinates to locate a geocache. They often use their smartphones or GPS devices to navigate to the coordinates of a geocache.

A geocache is usually a container in which some treasure and a logbook are hidden. The geocacher will find a geocache, open it and sign the log with their code name and date. They will often log their find online also. Those are the proofs that they found the geocache. After that, the geocacher will return the geocache to a position where it was originally found.

Another part of the fun is that geocachers can also create their own geocaches and hide them for other players to find.

Hide-and-seek is played with other people, but geocaching can be played by yourself only

Hide-and-seek is a game played with other people. While for geocaching, you can do it alone. But, you can also bring your friends or family to go geocaching with you. It’s an exciting activity that you can both do alone and in a group. You can also interact online with fellow geocachers or maybe even meet them in the wild.

Geocaching is as equally exciting as hide-and-seek but in a different way

When playing hide-and-seek, you are very excited about finding another person. Or very anxious that a seeker will find you. Geocaching is exciting too. You are both anxious and excited if you will find that geocache. Geocaching can often be challenging, because your cache can be very small and hidden in difficult places, like the top of the mountain or in the shrubs.

Geocaching uses modern technology

Geocachers will often use their phone or their GPS device to locate a geocache from GPS coordinates. They will record their find in the geocache logs, but also online. They will also go on different websites to find the new cache to seek or to post a new cache for others to find. There are also many online communities where geocachers talk about their experiences.

Geocaching and hide-and-seek are both played in many interesting but different locations

Hide-and-seek is partly interesting because of the environment where it’s played. Geocaching is also done in all kinds of places, but it is more of a travel adventure than being tied to one place. When geocaching, you will find geocaches in various cities, public parks, historical landmarks, natural wonders, on top of the mountain, and even underwater. Geocaching can be combined with many other hobbies, such as traveling or hiking.

Geocaching is a treasure hunt where you’ll find all kinds of treasures

Geocaches that you will find can vary from being huge to being micro in size. If they are small, they can also be very hard to find. Inside, you can also find various items. People will often find personal items, keychains, coins, trinkets, etc., which can sometimes have personal stories attached to them. They will often find even geocoins or travel bugs, which geocachers can take and place into another cache. They can also follow online how the geocoin or travel bug is traveling from cache to cache.

Geocaching will open your mind and change the way you view the world

Geocaching is a great way to discover new places. It’s a great way of exercising also. You use geocaching as a complementary activity when traveling, hiking, biking, or exploring. When traveling, it will take you off the beaten path and force you to see the world with completely new eyes. When a geocache is located near a historical landmark or a natural wonder, it will also teach you many new things.

Geocaching is a great game that you can play alone or with your friends and family. It’s also very easy to start. You can just download app on your smartphone, register, and then go geocaching. And don’t forget to carry a pen with you to sign the logs.