Indoor camping captions and quotes

Are you looking for some indoor camping captions and quotes for your next social media post? Here is the collection of the thoughts some people have commented or said when doing indoor camping. Maybe you can get inspired to think off an another caption or quote that fits your indoor camping situation the best.

Here are some quotes and captions for indoor camping:

  1. Be calm and camp in!
  2. When it’s freezing outside, we are camping inside.
  3. Camping indoors during lockdown #staysafe #socialdistancing
  4. Camping inside when it rains it’s still better than no camping.
  5. Kid wants to go camping? Tents in the room, flashlights and cookies will make them happy.
  6. How to do indoor camping? Put fireplace YouTube on my laptop, tent in the living room, cricket sounds on the phone and s’mores in the microwave.
  7. Sweet camping indoors in a pillow fort.
  8. Sleeping in a tent indoors? Parents think I’m crazy but it’s awesome.
  9. Camping trip cancelled? Great, let’s camp in the living room!
  10. Testing my new camping hammock inside before the real thing.
  11. I bought a tent, portable stove and other camping gear 2 years ago but never went camping. Camping indoors it is!
  12. I’m too old for camping outside, so camping indoors is now my hobby.
  13. The mattress in my hotel room is uncomfortable. Let’s sleep in our sleeping bags and pretend we’re camping.
  14. Living in a tiny space made me go ultra-minimalist and sleep in a hammock instead of the bed.
  15. Living with roommates and sharing a kitchen made me stockpile the food and pour water into tiny bottles in my room. This reminds me of my camping days too much.
  16. I am sleeping in my sleeping bag with all the windows open. Not sure if that counts as indoor camping.
  17. It’s too hot inside, so I’m sleeping outside on the balcony in a sleeping bag. This is similar to real camping.
  18. Prop a tent in the living room, get some chips, a book and cat next to you to have a great indoor camping experience.
  19. My camping trip got cancelled, so I’m now eating s’mores in front of the TV and pretending it’s real camping.
  20. When you live in a city and can’t camp anywhere, you can still camp on your building’s rooftop.

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