Indoor camping ideas for adults

Indoor camping for adults is the perfect activity for when the weather is bad outside, but you still want to spend some time with others camping. If you want to do indoor camping for adults, you need a list of fun activities that other adults will enjoy. To organize indoor camping for young people, check this indoor camping ideas for preschoolers and indoor camping ideas for toddlers.

1. Sleep in the real tent

If the tent is good enough for outside, it’s good enough for indoor camping too. Set up a real tent in a large enough room. Use the real sleeping bags. Or you can also put a mattress inside. Make sure that everyone has enough room, blankets and pillows. And doesn’t feel cold or uncomfortable. If you don’t have a real tent, make a DIY indoor tent since any will be good enough for camping in a nice room.

2. Sleep in a hammock

If you can somewhere put a hammock inside, you can also sleep there. About using hammock for indoor camping, you should choose the right hammock and sleep the right way for it to be comfortable. But hammocks can be a great way to simulate sleeping in the nature.

3. Prepare camping meals and drinks

Prepare camping meals like chili, hot dogs,  franks and beans s’mores, corn, fish etc. And bring plenty of snacks and drinks. For any party with adults, great wine and beer will make the atmosphere even better.

4. Make BBQ

You can combine camping and making BBQ outside. You can eat the BBQ and sleep in a tent indoors afterwards.

5. Have a picnic

Spread the cloth on the room floor and have a picnic with the typical camping food. Bring out enough cushions and folding chairs, so that everybody will be comfortable. Also, get enough eating utensils and plates for everybody.

6. Do indoor camping next to the fireplace

If you have a fireplace, light a fire and camp next to it. It will provide a special ambiance similar to real camping.

7. Decorate the room where you do indoor camping

Dim the lights to give a soft white glow to the room where you will do indoor camping. You can also use Christmas lights, lanterns or candles to get the same experience. This will create a cozy room with illumination similar to sitting around a campfire during the night. Check out this guide about choosing the best lights for indoor camping.

8. Use music or sound of nature

Play nature sounds like rainfall or cricket sounds or simply put on some music and have fun.

9. Ban phones and other electronic devices

Lots of adults spend their working and free time glued to their computers, phones and other electronic devices. Indoor camping is a great opportunity to unplug and spend time with each other without being distracted by them.

10. Do indoor camping activities for adults

There are many indoor camping activities for adults that they can surely enjoy. They range form solo activities, learning survival skills for future outdoor camping or playing games with other people.

Indoor camping activities for adults

  1. Sleep in a tent
  2. Eat camping meals
  3. Read a book
  4. Drink beer and enjoy the fire
  5. Play cards.
  6. Solve a crossword puzzle.
  7. Meditate.
  8. Play board games like Monopoly and Jenga.
  9. Dance.
  10. Do zumba exercise.
  11. Talk about good old times.
  12. Play dominoes.
  13. Draw or paint.
  14. Practice starting a fire in the backyard for real camping opportunities.
  15. Practice making tarps and fishing rods for getting food in the wilderness.
  16. Practice tying various types of knots. Knots are a very useful survival skill for camping.
  17. Make slingshots. They are the basic tool in survival kits.
  18. Practice basic first aid for the next time in the wilderness.
  19. Dance to the music.
  20. Play darts.
  21. Play Cards against humanity.
  22. Play a post-its game. Everybody sits in a circle and gets a piece of paper. On that paper, everybody writes the name of a famous person without other players seeing it. Then everybody folds the paper, and puts it in a pile. The papers are then mixed, and each player takes one piece of paper and puts it on their forehead without seeing what’s written on it. Then, each player has to guess the name of the person on their forehead by asking questions that can only be answered with YES or NO. The usual first question is Am I a living person?
  23. Play a pantomime game. Split people into two teams with equal numbers of players, Team A and Team B. One person should remain a host to guide the game. Host should get pieces of paper corresponding to the number of players in both teams. Host should write on each paper a word that players will guess. First, Team A will play, while Team B will sit on the side and watch. First player should be chosen in Team A to play. This player will get a piece of paper with the word from the host, read it and remember it without telling anybody else. Then, the first player will use pantomime and mimicry to explain the word to Team A without using speech or sound. Speaking is forbidden. Team A should guess the word in a certain time frame. If they guess, they get a point. If not, they get zero points. Then, other players from Team A should each get the word and use pantomime for their teammates to guess the world. When Team A is finished, Team B should do the same thing as Team A. The team with the most points wins.