Is geocaching a secret?

Geocaching is a global treasure hunt where geocachers search for geocaches. Geocaches are located in various places around you. You search for the geocache by using the mobile app or your GPS. Then, when you find a geocache, you open it and sign logs, confirming that you found the geocache. You can also make your own geocaches and hide them for others to find them. 

So, is geocaching a secret?

In a way, geocaching is a secret. It’s a game that happens in the real world. There are many geocaches hidden around you everywhere. In most larger towns, there are many hidden geocaches. Most people, who aren’t into geocaching, are unaware of geocaches existing around them. They are called muggles by the people who like geocaching. And that there are people, the geocachers, who visit these locations, to look for certain geocaches. Therefore, geocaching seems like a secret game that exists in the real world, that only certain people know its existence.

Geocaches are often hidden in secret places. Geocachers make new geocaches so that other geocachers would find them. Some geocaches put their new geocache in obvious places. But some put them in secretive places so other geocachers have a challenge finding them or getting to geocache location. The caches can be hidden on trees, in bushes, and even underwater. And also to protect them from being destroyed by non-geocachers. This is what makes geocaching a great game. The point of the geocaching game is in the challenge and joy of finding.

Also, when you go geocaching, you often have to be stealthy and secretive. This doesn’t mean trespassing but trying not to look weird when geocaching in areas with lots of people. For example, your phone tells you there is a geocache located near your somewhere in the bushes. You use your phone to navigate to that location. When you arrive, you realize there is a lot of people passing near the bushes where your geocache is hidden. You also realize there are many bushes, and you have to use your phone and also dig through the bushes to locate the geocache precisely.

A person looking at their phone and searching through the bushes would probably attract the attention of the people passing by. Some would also ask you whether you lost something and are you searching for it. There would also be a danger if some passerby sees you getting the geocache and returning it to its place. The passerby may later check the geocache out of curiosity and possibly destroy it. For those reasons, some geocachers go looking for a geocache in such locations when there aren’t people around. Or, they try to be stealthy to not attract the attention of people passing by.

The other reason why geocaching is a secret is that geocaching takes you to many secret locations. This is for many geocachers their favorite thing about the game, along with actually finding a geocache. Geocaching also includes going to various new places in search of a geocache. Many geocachers also go hiking in the mountains, kayaking through rivers and lakes, diving underwater, doing road trips, and traveling to new places to search for the geocache. Searching for the geocache also takes you off the beaten path, to many secret places that you probably wouldn’t see as an ordinary tourist. That’s why geocaching can be secretive, but a great game.