Minimalist Nokia phones: find out the best one

Many minimalist Nokia phones have come out to the market in recent times. They have a keyboard and a screen, but they are also modernized. They come installed with newer operating systems and modern apps. And they also fulfill their minimalist function by being a replacement for smartphones. You can use them only for essential stuff, as their screen is too small to provide endless fun like with smartphones. Minimalist Nokia phones (often called feature phones and dumbphones) are great for curbing smartphone addiction. Check out in this article how Nokia phones curb phone addiction and find out which are the best Nokia feature phones for the job.

Why are Nokia feature phones good?

In recent years, Nokia has pushed out many new feature phones to the market. Many of them are new editions of Nokia feature phones of the past. They have a famous Nokia build quality and a keyboard, but they also come modernized with new operating systems. Nokia has many feature phones to offer, so here are characteristics of Nokia phones specifically chosen for this article:

  1. Nokia phones in this article all run the KaiOS operating system. KaiOS is an operating system for affordable devices, like feature phones. This operating system enables the Nokia feature phone to run many popular apps. Also, KaiOS offers many more apps in their ever-growing app store.
  2. Nokia phones in this article have a keyboard and a small screen, which also isn’t a touchscreen. This means that you will use your phone only for necessary stuff, and less for time-wasting stuff. Smartphones have big touch screens which are easier to use for fun, time-wasting stuff, and with these Nokia phones you can avoid that.
  3. The phones here support WhatsApp (messaging only and no video/audio calling), Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps. This is because the phones run KaiOS.
  4. All of the phones possess famous Nokia build quality and durability.
  5. All of the phones here are Nokia 4G phones. 4G network ensures speedy browsing and app usage. It also guarantees faster Internet when using the Nokia as a Hotspot.
  6. The Nokia phones in this article have Hotspot, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. They can be used for tethering and navigation.
  7. These phones have no touchscreen. So, for navigation, you will mostly use arrow keys on the phone keyboard to navigate the phone. In some apps, like the web browser, you can also use a cursor for selecting. You will control the cursor by using the arrow keys in most of the apps. Such navigation on the phone will be slower than using the touchscreen. This means that you will probably use the phone for only necessary things, because controlling the phone with only a keyboard and no touchscreen is slower.  But if you want a minimalist phone without distractions, this is, in fact, a benefit.
  8. Nokia phones in these articles have Google Assistant. This means that in many instances you can dictate to Google Assistant what you want to type, instead of actually typing it. This is convenient on phones who don’t have smartphones, but rely on a physical keyboard to input text.
  9. Most of the phones here have a 2MP camera. This is enough to take a clear photo, but it isn’t suitable for taking photos with lots of detail, like documents.

What are the best Nokia feature phones?

Check out which Nokia phones have the best quality. As mentioned before, all the phones listed here run KaiOS. Therefore,they support modern apps like WhatsApp (messaging only and no video/audio calling), Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps.

Nokia 8000 4G

Nokia 8000 4G  is a classic-looking Nokia phone, with one of the best designs among all Nokia feature phones. It comes with a 2 MP camera too. The phone has a Qualcomm 8909 processor, 4GB built-in storage and 512 RAM. The processor is pretty fast and ensures a smooth user experience. 

Nokia 6300 4G

Nokia 6300 is a similar but cheaper version of Nokia 8000 4G. The difference is that Nokia 6300 4G has a VGA camera and smaller screen. Meanwhile, Nokia 8000 4G has a slightly bigger screen and a better 2MP camera, and therefore it is more expensive.

Nokia 2720 Flip

As the name says, Nokia 2720 Flip is Nokia’s feature flip phone. It has a tough, elegant exterior and external screen that shows who is calling. You can now answer the phone by flipping the phone open. It also has a 2MP camera. It even has a dedicated emergency button.

Nokia 800 Tough

This is Nokia’s rugged feature phone. It can withstand drops, dust, sand and water. The phone also has rubberized big buttons that can be used with gloves. It also has an anti-slip grip which means it is less likely to slip out of your hands. This phone is intended for buyers that work or spend their time in harsh environments – construction, outdoor work, working in wet environments like car wash and more. It also has a durable 2100 mAh battery that should last for a very long time.

Nokia 8110 4G

Nokia 8110 4G is famously known as a banana phone due to its curved shape. Now it’s making a comeback in the new 4G edition. It has a 2MP camera. It has a Smart Feature OS powered by KaiOS.