Geocaching party

You are trying to make a geocaching party. You want to share your love for geocaching with others. And also, maybe introduce other people to this wonderful hobby. Or if you are organizing a geocaching birthday party, maybe you want to surprise the birthday celebrant who loves geocaching.

The key to making a successful geocaching party is good planning. And also, to make it fun and appropriate for the profile of the party guests. The most common way is planning a geocaching party for the kids and for the adults. Check out how to make the geocaching party for those two types of guests.

Geocaching party for the kids

Geocaching party depends on the age group also. If you are organizing a geocaching party, or most likely, a geocaching birthday party for your kid, you have to make geocaching search fun for kids.

First, it’s important to choose a fun geocache before the party. If you don’t choose the geocache beforehand, it might make the event boring. If go geocaching with the kids during the party, and you find a tiny geocache containing only moldy logs, or don’t even find the geocache, kids will be disappointed. This kind of find probably won’t be interesting to a bunch of 9-year olds. Try to investigate potential geocaches beforehand, and choose an interesting one. Maybe even find a geocache yourself before the party. You can also put some nice swag into it if the geocache is big enough. 

The easiest way to choose a fun geocache for the party is to make one yourself. You can make an “unofficial” geocache that won’t be submitted to You can put various swag into it as prizes, make an interesting geocache container, and hide it in a cool hiding place. You also make multiple geocaches. Then you hide them before the geocaching party and remember the coordinates where they are hidden. The kids in the party can get coordinates and use smartphones to find a geocache. They can input geocache coordinates into a smartphone app like Google Maps and find the geocache. The last geocache could have a clue, that points to the place where you will actually celebrate the party.

In this way, kids will think that geocaching is a fun treasure-seeking activity. Of course, before actually doing the geocaching party, make sure to have a general “rehearsal”, where you yourself use the app to find the geocache to ensure that the actual search will go smoothly.

Geocaching party for the adults

If you are making a geocaching party for the adults, you might make it more challenging. The easiest way to set up a geocaching hunt for adults is to make custom geocaches.

You can set them up at locations within walking distance. It’s good to choose places like public parks. Finding one geocache can be the way of getting to the next one. Geocaching party guests can be split into two or more teams. The team will have different geocaches to go through, and who gets to the final location first, wins.

You could give them coordinates that lead to the location of the first geocache. Those coordinates can be input into Google Maps. When they arrive at the geocache location, you can give them clues on where to find the geocache. Or give them a puzzle to solve or question to answer to get the clue, like trivia about a party celebrant. Then in the geocache, there would be coordinates to the next cache. The last location can be the location where you will actually have your party.

You can make the geocaching party like this or some variation of it. Be sure to test beforehand how it works by yourself. Also, put in some effort to make it a little bit challenging, but also be ready to give clues and answers if it proves too difficult.